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Jump through time in this third episode of one of the most critically acclaimed console first-person shooters of all time. In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, step back into the shoes of the tough-as-nails hero Cortez and fight to change the past and alter the future. Battle across multiple time periods from the early 20th- to late 25th-centuries, each with a massive arsenal of weapons and vehicles at your disposal. With a little help from your past and future selves, infiltrate historic castles, annihilate evil robots, and destroy unseen ghouls and spirits. Fight the future and be your own best ally...in the nick of time. Deepest Shooter Ever--Explore hundreds of hours of gameplay in a variety of modes including Story, Arcade, Challenge, and Multiplayer Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Co-Op. All-New Weapons and Vehicles--Blast your way through time with dozens of weapons and gadgets like gravity guns and rocket launchers, or take control of land vehicles such as trucks, tanks, and cars -- all equipped with their own firepower. Use Time to Your Advantage--Innovative "meet yourself" time travel gameplay lets you team up with your past or future self and be your own ally. Battle Online--Engage in 16-player death matches online on Xbox Live. Improved Mapmaking Capabilities--A revamped mapmaking interface allows you to create maps with greater ease then try them out in online skirmishes. Hundreds of Extras--Unlock new characters, weapons, and maps at the end of each level and play them all in multiple game modes.

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