The Getaway Black Monday - Playstation 2 Pre-Played

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Features: Fuses gaming and cinematic storytelling for a unique interactive entertainment experience. Explore more than 25 square miles of London including portions of the Underground subway. Interact with London gangs and crime scenes in an engrossing gangland thriller. This sequel to The Getaway offers responsive driving and on-foot controls a huge variety in mission types free-roaming gameplay and three new playable characters. Single story with two halves interwoven by a chain of events and twists that culminate in an explosive showdown with London's new gangland boss. Piece together parts of the story while making critical decisions that influence the final outcome. Visit 17 new locations in London. View the action as three new playable characters Eddie Mitch and Sam each with their own skills attitudes and motivations. Make critical decisions that influence the final outcome of the game. Cinematic cut-scenes and intense orchestral score accentuate the action. Choose from a variety of new vehicles including motorcycles buses vans and taxis.

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