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The popular and acclaimed Super Monkey Ball series of comes to the Nintendo DS with the latest installment Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Go! Use the DS touch screen to play Super Monkey Ball in a whole new way by controlling the ball directly with your stylus. All of the most popular features of the highly addictive Super Monkey Ball series return for Touch and Roll with 100 puzzling new stages and two new party games for up to four players! The new party games support the DS Download function letting up to three friends play along with you even if they don't have their own copies of Touch and Roll.FeaturesThree main single player game modes feature 120 Challenge Mode stages in ten worlds with two bonus worlds to be unlocked. In addition Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll includes a Practice Mode to let you freely replay stages you've finished in Challenge Mode and a Replay Mode that lets you save your favorite moments to show to your friends.Six party games including classic Super Monkey Ball favorites Monkey Race Monkey Fight Monkey Bowling and Monkey Golf. Two new games are exclusive to Touch and Roll: Monkey Wars and Monkey Air Hockey.All party games support up to four players and allow you to play as either a boss or a normal player.Monkey Wars and Monkey Air Hockey support DS Download Share to let players who do not own Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll to participate.Makes use of key Nintendo DS features such as the touch screen interface and the DS Wireless service. Players will be able to use DS Wireless and a wireless broadband connection to download new party games for Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll.

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