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Style Lab: Jewelry Design is a single player simulation game for DSi and DS that allows tweens and teens to create their own virtual style in jewelry that can literally make the jump from video game to reality. The game features a complete retail-based storyline in which players take on the challenges of running their own jewelry boutique and in the process design jewelry for use in-game, which can then be purchased for use in reality outside of the game.(this functionality only available through the DSi)

Jewelry design example in Style Lab: Jewelry Design
Create unique jewelry that you can actually wear.
In Style Lab: Jewelry Design players assume the role of a boutique owner specializing in custom-made jewelry. Using the DSi/DS stylus you create necklaces, bracelets, earrings and charms out of a variety of beads and other accessories, made to the specifications of your clientele. Success in these challenges will cause your boutique to blossom and more customers to come to you commissioning new work. Beyond their use in-game, these creations can also be shared with other players by uploading them to the Style Lab gallery online using your Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. In addition, Style Lab: Jewelry Design is also designed to take advantage of the the DSi's unique digital camera and Internet connectivity functionality. Players can use the DSi's digital cameras to take pictures of themselves, which can then be imported into the game allowing the players to virtually try on their jewelry creations. If players like what they see, they can even bring their style literally to life by purchasing a real representation of their jewelry designs, provided through a partnership between the game publisher and a contracted bead maker.

Key Game Features

* Create Incredible Designer Jewelry – Design stunning bracelets, necklaces, and earrings using a variety of colored, faceted beads and darling charms, including letter charms.
* Order, Own, and Wear Your In-game Creations – Partnership with bead manufacturer will produce designs that girls upload to the online gallery and then purchase.
* Unique Creation Tools – Use the stylus to draw out lengths of chain or wire, decorate beads by cutting, drawing or painting for a layered approach.
* Put Yourself in the Game – Take your picture with the Nintendo DSi camera, then virtually try on your jewelry designs.
* Share Your Creations – Welcome your friends into your boutique via Wi-Fi, and trade jewelry and beads with friends, showcase your designs in the online Style Lab gallery.

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