Pipe Dreams 3D - Playstation 1 Pre-Played

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The Pipe Planet needs a hero, and it looks like you're it. An attacking green slime is the enemy, and you might be the only chance the planet has of survival. In order to fend off the goo, you'll need to create a pipeline that runs down the planetary plug hole, hoping to funnel the green stuff to a safe place. The game play is positively epic, giving you 18 continents (each has three massive levels) to traverse before your job is complete. Each of the continents hosts its own wacky cast of characters, and there are plenty of unique obstacles to overcome in every environment. Plenty of power-ups are littered throughout the game's expanses, and you'll need every one of them you can pick up as the game's difficulty increases. PIPE DREAMS 3D is a wildly original game, and might be the most addicting title ever to hit the PlayStation. Incredible graphics, smooth controls, and a wacky sense of humor mark this new classic.

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