Ninja Gaiden 2 - Nintendo Entertainment System, NES Pre-Played

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Are you brave enough to avenge your clan? In Ninja Gaiden 2 for Xbox 360, there's only one warrior brave enough: Ryu Hayabusa. Guide him on a mission to save the entire human race. Follow Ryu through an extensive Story mode and struggle to survive in a world filled with peril. From Tokyo to New York to the demon-filled crevices of the Netherworld, you'll go to dangerous lengths to reclaim justice for the fallen. Traditional and improved versions of Ryu's primary weapons create a new action-packed twist on this exciting series. Your actions will decide the fate of mankind. Can you prevent destruction at all costs? This highly evolved sequel combines familiar and brand-new gameplay elements. Precision controls let you execute kicks, punches and sword slices with pinpoint accuracy, and now you'll be able to finish off opponents with amazing Obliteration Techniques. A new auto-healing system features damage that is restored at save points, adding a new twist to managing your health. Join the all-new Master Ninja Tournament on Xbox Live and see if you can make a name for yourself on the leaderboards.

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