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* Pick-Up-And-Play Controls - easy-to-learn controls that still provide depth for the season veteran. A player's first game will be as enjoyable as their one-thousandth, while the intuitive hybrid controls will provide depth for the experienced vet
* Enhanced Gameplay - An arsenal of highlight reel-worthy superstar moves, blocked shots, stick-handling moves, hit-by-puck collisions, and a greatly-enhanced skating engine make up for an exciting hockey experience complete with more than 1,400 new gameplay animations
* Presentation System - Pre-game intros, menus, new crowd animations, game summary replays, and brand new commentary featuring Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda of the San Jose Sharks
* True Hockey Fun - the addictive Zamboni mini-game, user-controlled Stanley Cup celebrations, playoff beards, enhanced checking and a brand-new fighting engine
* Team-Up With Up To 12 Consoles Online - Form a team of up to 6 separate consoles to challenge other teams made of up to 6 consoles for the first-ever NHL 12-console play.


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