Mike Tyson Boxing - Playstation 1 Pre-Played

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Iron Mike was always at his best when he was in the ring, and in this game, nothing can keep him out. In Mike Tyson Boxing, you'll get everything from the easiest sucker punch to the endgame strategy. Choose from multiple modes of play, including arcade, championship, and boxing management. In versus mode, you can choose from 16 international boxers and 16 arenas. You'll learn to train and manage your boxer, taking on up to 90 fighters in different weight classes. In the showcase mode, you can create a tournament with up to eight players and eight CPU opponents. Be sure to stop by the gym for practice, where you'll familiarize yourself with a full range of punches and defensives, not to mention hidden combinations. If you don't, you'll surely see what your boxer is made of--blood, sweat, and bruises--thanks to the game's real-time effects. The game also features a score bar that reproduces the score system used in boxing and rewards players for outstanding defensive play.

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