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Every Sunday in the NFL, an epic battle rages between the offense and the defense and that's what players get in Madden NFL 10 on the PlayStation 2, the most authentic and exciting entry in the storied Madden NFL franchise to-date. With the ability to customize player moves, battle for loose balls, dynamic player interaction, all-new in-game commentary, updated playbook formations and much, much more Madden NFL 10 players on the PlayStation 2 closer to the NFL than ever before.

Key Features

* Fight For the Fumble - Feel the suspense of the NFL as you battle your opponent in a fast-paced mini-game to recover a game-changing fumble.
* Customize Player Moves - Control your team like never before by assigning custom moves to the analog stick for every position on the field.
* Ride the Momentum - Take advantage of hot streaks and fight through cold stretches as player rating change dynamically during the game.
* All-new Commentary - Experience the excitement of every snap with all-new color and play-by-play by Chris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond.
* All-new Impact Camera - Feel the action and emotion of the NFL as the camera shakes from the impact of a big hit and when the crowd noise reaches a fever pitch.
* Updated Playbooks - All-new playbook formations for the 2009 season bring the latest play calling trends into the game, including the wildcat.

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