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Ford Vs. Chevy brings the old rivalry to your console - and brings some intense street racing action with it. Back in the 1800s, two families had a bloody feud over their quest for gold. The Bakers and Williamsons nearly wiped each other out, until the gold rush was over & there was nothing for them to fight over... Until Tyrone Baker showed up in town with a Model T Ford. Eddie Williamson went out and got himself a Chevrolet 490 and the feud was reborn. It continues to this day: You've just shown up in town, and it's time to defend your pride and the family name - by outracing all the competition. Performance Degradation - As your vehicle takes damage, you lose top speed and acceleration Compete in the race modes including - Circuit, point to point, 1/4 mile drag racing, time trial and slalom

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