Digimon World Data Squad - Playstation 2 Pre-Played

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* As you travel through over a dozen stages, collect and evolve over 140 Digimon. Each Digimon has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and upgrading your Digimon can be easily done through the intuitive Galactica Evolution System.
* A new kind of RPG featuring cel-shaded artwork and a unique emotion engine for the Digimon, allowing them to communicate to the player what they would like to do in battle and are affected by the way you treat them.
* There are over 250 items to find and acquire during the course of the game. Some items will help you solve complex puzzles, while others will give you different advantages in battle. Find them all.
* Features a storyline that parallels the new and exciting Digimon World Data Squad cartoon, and also has new exclusive characters for the game. The same voice actors from the cartoon have brought their characters from the show to life in the game.

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