Connect Four Perfection Trouble - Nintendo Gameboy Advance Pre-Played

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* Connect 4 - The original four-in-a-row checkers game. Get four in a row while dropping checkers into place, while blocking your opponent's attempts to do the same. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal -- it's up to you!
* Trouble - The classic race-and-chase game where you get out your aggression - without shin guards and helmets! Hop your pegs around the track, landing on your opponent's peg and bumping it back home. Keep hoppin' and poppin' to get all your pegs to the fin
* Perfection - Be the quickest to fit all 25 shapes into the matching spaces. All you have is 60 seconds, or out they pop! All the fun of the classic Hasbro children's game, on your Game Boy Advance.

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