Clue Wednesday

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A dark mystery with terrible dangers is yours to solve in this spooky, modern take on the classic mystery game. With the dangerous Hyde on the loose, you play as students of Nevermore Academy like Wednesday Addams and Ajax Petropolus. You've got to keep your wits about you as you determine WHO will be the Hyde's next victim, WHERE will the Hyde attack, and WHAT item was key in bringing him down!

  • Custom Wednesday Game Board (9 locations)
  • 6 Student Movers/Bases
  • 6 Custom Weapons
  • 6 Personality Cards
  • 21 Rumor Cards
  • 25 Intrigue Cards
  • 1 Pad Custom Clue Sheets
  •  Envelope
  •  2 Six-sided Dice
  •  Rulebook

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