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Inflict carnage and destruction as you tear through the best from the Burnout series made exclusively for handheld gaming. Race the legends, take on an Eliminator Challenge, or track down offenders in your high-performance cop car to unlock classic and new Burnout vehicles. Then go head-to-head in Wi-Fi multiplayer races to capture your friends' cars. Lay down the law in Pursuit mode or crash your way through a world tour then share the explosive race action over Wi-Fi. Burnout Legends is a license to unleash adrenaline-fuelled mayhem anywhere you want.


* Engage in irresponsible speed: experience the blistering speed and intensity of the Burnout series in the fastest, most dangerous racing experience available on handheld.
* Multiplayer mayhem: take down your friends in four-player Wi-Fi action--from Race and Crash modes to Pursuit and Road Rage.
* Battle to win new cars: each copy of Burnout Legends comes with 5 of 25 unlockable cars. Collect the remaining 20 by annihilating your friends in Wi-Fi challenges.
* Uphold the law: get behind the wheel of all-new police cars for the ultimate game of high-speed cat-and-mouse.
* Crash mode: a new scoring system challenges you to launch your car into traffic in an attempt to create the biggest crashes imaginable.

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