Bratz Ponyz - Nintendo DS Pre-Played

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Bratz Ponyz sees you arrive on the Ponyz archipelago to participate in the prestigious Ponyz Town beauty pageant Passion for Fashion'. The competition takes place over a year and gives you the chance to develop your artistic talent through a series of challenges based around fashion and beauty. In addition between each challenge you are completely free to explore the gorgeous tropical islands meet and befriend the inhabitants and participate in a variety of fun activities.Combining every little girl's innate love of both ponies and the fashion which made the Bratz famous Ponyz are a dream come true for Bratz fans! Bratz Ponyz for Nintendo DS stimulates the player's imagination and creativity while satisfying their passion for fashion. So take a trip to the magical archipelago and have fun with the hippest horse friends a girl could ever have!Play and interact with Bonita Dita Shayla Celeste Sashay Pursia Trina and Anya 8 kickin' Ponyz with sass and style!

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